Hew-Tex Oil and Gas Corporation, headquartered in Houston, Texas, focuses on the exploration of potential oil-producing fields and the development of profitable energy production services. President and Director Peter H. Hewett founded the company in 1989 and incorporated it a year later. The Hewett family has been instrumental in oil production for more than half a century, and Mr. Hewett gained knowledge and experience by working under the supervision of his father, whose 40-year career spanned the globe and included service with the company that became Tenneco Inc.

Today, Hew-Tex Oil and Gas, through its wide network of business relationships with significant players in the energy industry such as Choice Exploration Inc. and Meridian Resources USA Inc., works through a variety of joint ventures to individually evaluate and select revenue-expanding opportunities. After more than 20 years of selective buying of high-yielding energy fields and the development of wells in a variety of locations, Hew-Tex Oil and Gas has increased its portfolio and earnings and distinguished itself as a force in its industry.

In addition to his early apprenticeship within an established oil-producing family, Mr. Hewett brings a significant background of his own to his work with Hew-Tex Oil and Gas. He worked with a large Houston-based drilling operation, and learned the techniques of well analysis first-hand. After several years in service to an earlier business he created and to the securities company Omni Financial Group, Mr. Hewett leveraged the management and technical skills he had acquired over the years to launch his current company.

Hew-Tex maintains accreditation by the Better Business Bureau and is a member of the Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Association, which works to provide independent oil and gas exploration companies with greater business opportunities.


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